Introduction to Selecting the Correct Franchise.
  • Introduction to Realizing Your Dream!!
Discussion of the series of questions to discover your correct Franchise.
  • Motivations, Pre-Conceived Notions, Fear and Anxiety.
  • Your Experience, Background and Best Job or Position. Do you want to Change?
  • Risk Tolerance and Sales Interest and Aptitude.
  • Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. Benefits of a Franchise versus a Job!!
  • Quiz on the Four Lectures.
  • Why do we need to know your sales interest?
  • Why do you need to know your Risk Tolerance?
Buying a Franchise: 24 Items to Beware of Before Signing!!
  • Please Read the Attached Ebook.
  • What is the most Important part of a Retail Lease?
  • Why are the Transfer Fees so important?
  • Why is it so Important to pick a good Architect for your Retail Location?
Realize Your Dream Summary!!
  • Six Steps to Selecting the Correct Franchise!!