Learn Selenium Project Set up from Scratch
  • Section Introduction
  • How to Download Selenium | Create a new selenium project Set up
  • LIVE PROJECT DETAILS | How to launch application in browser using Selenium
  • Section Summary
  • Project Setup Assignment
Learn Selenium Webdriver browser related operations
  • How to maximize the browser window? || How to retrieve title of the webpage?
  • How to run tests in HeadLess mode?
  • How to close browser in Selenium ?
Element locators in Selenium Webdriver
  • How to identify webElements in Selenium? || Different kinds of locators
  • How to write xpath in Selenium?
  • How to write cssSelector to identify elements in Selenium?
Working on Live Project ( Orange HRM application )
  • What is abstraction in Java || How can we apply abstraction in Selenium project?
  • Live Project scenarios || Logout functionality ||Scope of webDriver instance
  • Live project description || Test scenarios to automate
  • How to handle dropdownList in Selenium|| Handling comboBox in Selenium WebDriver