• How did health get so confusing?
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Step 1: Love Your Spirit, Always.
  • Face and love your true self.
  • Can you love who you truly are?
  • How do you do this step if you have low self esteem?
  • Chapter Recap
Step 2: Feed your spiritual house
  • Nourish the ‘home’ you live in.
  • Use the right fuel.
  • Do you give your body the right 'fuel'?
Step 3: Make your body move
  • Keep it moving.
  • Simple Exercise.
  • Simple Stretch.
  • Getting yourself to move!
Step 4: Your spirit must rest
  • It’s okay to stop.
  • Focus.
  • Mental peace & quiet
  • Be Still.
  • Some extra help with my 5-Minute Stress Relief Meditation
  • Chapter Recap
Step 5: Using energy healing
  • Taking back what's rightfully yours: good health.
  • General health self-healing.
  • A crystal for healing.
  • Soothe with colour.
  • Make headaches disappear.
  • Chapter Recap
Conclusion: You’re well on your way!
  • Whether baby or giant steps, just move forward.
  • ♥ Bonus Lecture