Growing Your Email Contact List
  • This is part 2 of Sendinblue's free email marketing course
  • Designing Your Signup Form
  • Signup Form Positioning
  • More Tricks to Grow Your Email Contact List
  • Creating a double opt-in email with Sendinblue
  • Creating a signup form with Sendinblue
  • Extra Tip: Welcome Email
  • Creating a Welcome Workflow in Sendinblue
  • Using the Profile Update Form
  • Creating a Profile Update Form with Sendinblue
  • The Ideal Unsubscribe Process
  • Creating an Unsubscribe Form with Sendinblue
  • Quiz
Campaigns & Reporting in Email Marketing
  • Choosing Your Email Design
  • Email Checklist: Before Hitting Send
  • Email Marketing KPI Benchmarks
  • How to Analyze a Campaign Report in Sendinblue
  • Quiz
Boosting Your Email Marketing KPIs
  • Optimizing Your Delivery Rate
  • Optimizing Your Open Rate
  • Optimizing Your Click Rate
  • Optimizing Your Unsubscribe Rate
  • Quiz
A/B Testing in Email Marketing
  • Benefits of A/B Testing in Email Marketing
  • Elements to Test at a Glance
  • Setting Up Your A/B Test Strategy
  • Some Real World Examples
  • Creating an A/B Test with Sendinblue
  • Quiz
  • You are ready for the final exam!