• 7 SPE Model for Entrepreneurs
  • What is 7SPE Model?
  • Course Outline
  • Learning Methodology and various Pitfalls
Pitfall 1: Investors
  • First Pitfall: Investors
  • What is the Pitfall?
  • Who are potential Backers
  • Pulling this off
  • Is there any timing?
Pitfall 2: Customers
  • Not understanding and Acquiring customers is fatal
  • Not getting the strategy right
  • Channels of Customer Acquisition
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Trying to build a business with folks who are passengers
  • Getting it Right
  • Process for making it work
Advisers/ Partners/ Vendors
  • Hiring sources
Management Process
  • Getting the enterprise to deliver
Technology and Mental toughness
  • Pitfall 6: Technology and 7: Mental toughness