Lectures: Industry Knowledge
  • Introduction
  • Key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges
  • Activity: Test what you learned about metrics, KPIs and business challenges
  • Interaction channels
  • Activity: Test your knowledge of Interaction Channels
  • Business continuity in the contact center
  • Activity: Confirm your understanding of Business Continuity
  • Different types of contact centers
  • Activity: Test what you remember about contact center types
  • Core tenets of KCS
  • Activity: What did you learn about KCS?
  • Components of a contact center
  • Activity: Test your knowledge of Contact Center Components
Video Practice Questions for Service Cloud Industry Knowledge
  • Question 1.1 - Common Contact Center Systems
  • Question 1.2 - Quality Monitoring
  • Question 1.3 - Business Continuity
  • Question 1.4 - Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)
Bonus: Prepare for the Sales and Service Cloud Exams
  • Bonus: Get prepared for the Service Cloud OR Sales Cloud Exams