Management in the House
  • Management in the House
  • Tools of Management
  • How We Use X-Pens at Home and Work
  • Dog Crates at Home and Work
  • Leashes in the Home
  • Dogs Beds and Baby Gates
  • Managing Dog Kennels and Dog Yards
  • Managing Dogs and House Guests
  • Working Dog VS Family Companion
  • The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
  • Our Feeding Ritual
  • Dogs are Creatures of Routine
Managing Our Dogs On Walks
  • Why Walks are a Daily Part of Our Management System
  • Lecture: Why Walks are a Daily Part of Our Management System
  • Meeting People on Bikes
  • Meeting Other On-Leash Dogs
  • Meeting Off-Leash Dogs
  • Dog Parks and Off-Leash Walks
Bringing Your New Dog Home
  • Adding a Puppy to your Home with Other Dogs
  • Three Dogs Are A Pack
  • My Significant Other Has Owned Dogs - But I Have Not
  • Interview with Lauren - Spouses and Dogs
  • Adding A Dog to a Home with Cats
  • Cats and Dogs
Managing Dogs, Kids, and Toys
  • Dogs, Kids, and Toys
  • Dogs and Babies
  • Dogs and Children
  • Preventing Dog Bites in Children
  • Managing Your Toys
Vehicles and Vet Offices
  • Managing Our Dogs in Vehicles
  • Managing Your Dog at the Vet's Office
  • Muzzle Conditioning - Using a Muzzle at the Vet
Where Should I Go From Here?
  • Where To Go From Here