• Welcome to this Exciting Course on Technical Trading
  • Core Concepts of the science of Price Analysis
  • Types of Price Charts
  • Introduction to Trend analysis
  • Introduction to Fibonacci Retracements
TREND Analysis
  • Understanding Trend analysis
  • How to correctly draw TRENDLINES
  • Practical Trend analysis and trendline drawing - BankNifty
  • Practical Trend analysis and trendline drawing - Tata Motors (down trend)
  • Trend REVERSAL - practical case study - Motherson Sumi
  • Understanding Fibonacci Retracements
  • Drawing Fibonacci Retracements in UpTrend - ICICI Bank
  • Drawing Fibonacci Retracements in Down Trend - Tata Motors
Realtime analysis with Trendlines and retracements - STOCKS
  • Trading example :- S&P CNX NIFTY index
  • Bonus Lecture