• Infos about me
  • Who is this course for
  • What you will get out of it
Complexity of Modes of Transport in the Supply Chain
  • Introduction
  • Rail Freight - the real opportunity
  • Commercial management of Road Freight
  • Sea Freight and types of containers
  • Sea Freight and future technologies
  • Speed matters in the Supply Chain - Air Freight
Complexity of the Transport
  • The new role of the driver
  • Geofencing and advantages explained
  • Challenge the management of empty spaces
  • Time to rethink
Types of Warehousing
  • Financial impact of location, good warehouses and financingon the operation
  • 5 Key points - ambient and dry
  • Temperature controlled
  • Multi - users
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Innovative new bays
Warehouse Architecture
  • Importance of the Pick rate
  • Wide Aisle
  • Narrow Aisle
  • Very Narrow Aisle
  • How to drive efficiencies
  • Dedicated bays
  • Floating bays
  • Conclusion
Why do Companies use Social Media
  • Advantage of Social Media in the product development stage
  • Develop a customer base prior launch
  • Finding early brand advocates
  • Gaining Trust
Performance Management
  • Social Media gives us Information before Interaction
  • Real Case -impact of social media
  • How to apply the information into an operation
  • The evolution of the driver job to a company ambassador
  • Conclusion
Manufacturing-Retail-Production Challenges
  • Introduction
  • Gamification introduced by Coca Cola
  • Coca Cola and intelligent vending machines
  • Legislation issues for Coca Cola
  • Influence of Social Media on the marketing of Cocal Cola
  • Coca Cola and the introduction of personalisation
  • Smart wearable technologies
  • Northface and the move to a cross over brand
  • Northface and the impact of social media and technology
Connectivity in the Supply Chain- Time to Rethink
  • Consumers expect personalised interactions
  • What works today is not gonna work tomorrow