• Overview
  • Promotional Materials
  • Housekeeping
  • Social Business
  • Realistic Objectives
  • Value Proposition
  • How did the World Wide Web change the mass media business?
  • The Business Case
  • Which one of these statements is false?
  • Control vs. Credibility
  • On most corporate websites, there is an inverse relationship between…
  • Engagement
  • For the Enterprise
  • Disruptive Impact
  • Impact on Reputation
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • The homeland/embassy digital strategy argues…
Hands-On Training
  • Launch a Blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Measure RSS
  • What is the purpose of Feedburner?
  • Google Analytics can be used for...
  • Embed Photos
  • Hands-OnL Embed a YouTube Video
  • Embed PowerPoints
  • The following skills are required to use an embed code.
  • Custom Newsfeeds
  • Audio via Mobile
  • Video via Mobile
  • Which mobile apps can stream live video and audio to the web?
Case Studies
  • US Dept. of Defense Social Media Policy
  • PSNH Crisis Communications Incident
  • Live Streams Pruis Reveal
Wrap Up
  • SoLoMo
  • Digital Literacy
Supplemental Resources
  • NLRB 1st Report on Social Media
  • NLRB 2nd Report on Social Media
  • Future of Social Media Strategy with Brian Solis
  • Rashmi Sinha on Lead Generation on Slide Share
  • Eric Schwartzman' Social Media Week Keynote
  • Philip Galanes on Netiquette
  • Johns Hopkins & Avery Dennison: Case Study
  • Social Networks for Internal Business Communications
  • Haiti Earthquake Crisis Communciations Case Study
  • FeedBurner Migration Manual
  • Bonus for Students Only