Set Up and Manage Your Facebook Page
  • Introduction: What is covered in this Facebook Course for Udemy Lecturers
  • IMPORTANT: 3 Questions for your Udemy Course Facebook Page
  • Which Facebook Category HELPS best? Create your Facebook Udemy Course Page
  • What Should You Post and How Will You Sound? Facebook Udemy Course Page Voice
  • Quick Tips: Cover & Profile Picture on Your Facebook Udemy Course Page Canva
  • IMPORTANT!! Get It RIGHT!! - Target Audience for Facebook Udemy Course Page
Managing Your Facebook Page for Udemy Lecturers
  • Feature a Promotional Video for Your Udemy Course on Your Facebook Page
  • How to Edit the Description of a Video Post on Your Facebook Page
Create a Wordpress Website for Your Udemy Course
  • How to Audit the Current Wordpress site of a Udemy Lecturer
  • Understanding the Wordpress Dashboard of a Udemy Lecturer
  • How to Backup your Wordpress site FIRST! Udemy Lecturer website
  • How to Promote Udemy Courses on your Wordpress Sidebar for Lecturers
  • Fixing the Udemy link in Header - Lecturer Wordpress website
  • Activating Jetpack for Wordpress Udemy course images LECTURER WEBSITE:
  • A New Background Header for Wordpress - Udemy Lecturer Branding
  • How to Change the Menu on the Navigation Bar LECTURER WEBSITE
  • Changing the theme of your Wordpress Website for Udemy lecturers
  • YOUR FREE Wordpress - Creating a NEW account for your social media website
  • YOUR Website: Add a Header Image to a theme
  • Quiz for You!
Automate Social Media - How to Schedule Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn
  • Evergreen automated posts - Bufferapp and HiPlayapp
Email Newsletter Campaigns
  • List of Email Newsletters Services
Over and Out
  • BONUS LECTURE: Extra Courses!