What is the Societal Model?
  • Systems change vs. Change systems
  • The Societal Model
  • Network of networks movement | Neelam Chhiber and Deepa Mirchandani
  • Co-creating for exponential change | Khushboo Awasthi
  • Unleashing co-creation | Sascha Haselmayer
  • Infrastructure as a public good | Pramod Varma
  • Reflections
  • Power of Shared Digital Infrastructure
What are the Core Values of Societal Thinking?
  • Core Values: Societal Thinking
  • Unlocking citizen Agency | Irina Snissar Lobo
  • Agency, Dignity, Choice | Srinivas Sheshadri
  • Catalysing Interactions for impact | Sharmi Surianarain
  • Opening Value Creation and Building beyond | Khushboo Awasthi
  • Building Public Goods for innovation and diversity | Deepika Mogilishetty
  • Empowering with data for collective good | Kuldeep Dantewadia
  • Reflections
Where do I begin?
  • How do I apply this thinking?
  • How do I explore further?
  • Thank You!