Section 1: Musical Phrases - the Foundation of all Musical Composition
  • Intro: Welcome & Getting Started
  • 1: Creating a Musical Phrase
  • 2: The Construction of Two Musical Phrases
  • The Various Methods Utilized to Create Three Phrases
Section 2: Connecting Musical Phrases Into Sections
  • Review of Musical Phrases and Chord Progressions
  • The Creation of the Verse and Its Importance In the Development of the Song
  • Continuation of the Verse Development and Ideas on Construction
Section 3: Completing the Main Body of Your Song
  • The Pre-Chorus
  • Chords and Keys
  • The Role of the Chorus as the Main Body of the Song
  • Review: Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus
Section 4: Other Sections (Bridge, More)
  • The Importance and Function of Repetition in All Music
  • The Bridge: a Brand New Section Used in Many Modern Songs
  • Review
  • The Completed Song
  • Summing Up - Final Thoughts on Songwriting