• Important Introduction of Author Mike Ternoey
  • Introduction of Course : Million Dollar A Year Cram Schools
Speed Reading Part 1: The Four Kinds of Paragraphs
  • Speed Reading with Argumentative Transition Words
Speed Reading Part 2: The Magic Word Table
  • The Magic Word Table
  • First Assignment - Quote Finding
  • Speed Reading (Paper Based Text)
Reading in Another Language with a Very Small Vocabulary: Part 1
  • Reading in Another Language: Part 1
  • Reading Dense Text with Limited Vocabulary
  • Reading in Another Language: Part 2 (another method)
Updates, News, and Reading in Other Languages
  • Why you need this course!
Reading in Spanish
  • Using the The Magic Word Table in Spanish
  • Reading in Spanish with Prepositions
  • Getting the Pattern of Organization
  • Just one Word In The Table Activates The Text