Introduction to the RPG World
  • Introduction and Property List Features
  • Initial Setup
  • Creating the Physics-Based World
  • Creating the Physics-Based World (continued)
Plists, Debug Borders, Gestures and More
  • Using the Property List Data
  • Adding Debug Boundaries for the Physics Objects
  • Adding Gesture Recognizers to the Sprite Kit View
  • Bringing in Other Characters from the Property List
Follow the Leader
  • The Update Methods and Initial Directional Movements
  • Delayed Followers
  • Stopping the Characters
  • Enabling Characters on Contact with the Leader
  • Setting up the rest of the Property List
  • SKActions for Changing the Textures of the Character
  • Running the SKActions for Front, Back and Side view Walk Sequences
  • Notes for iOS8.1
  • SKActions for Attacking
Particles, Health Meters, and Receiving Damage
  • Particle Emitters
  • Health Meters and Receiving Damage
  • Game Over
  • Switching Leader Order
Instruction Text, Bouncing Off Walls and More
  • Fading Instruction Text
  • Bouncing Back From Wall Contact and Flaming to Death
  • Collecting Coins
  • Advancing Levels
  • Alternate Property List Locations for the iPhone or iPad
  • Resizing the Entire SKScene
  • Creating an SKLabelNode for Stats
  • Applying Physics Force and Impulses to Scatter Coins