Introduction and Data Preparation
  • Understanding the SPSS User Interface
  • Cleaning your Data
  • Data Pre-processing Exercise
  • Recoding Multiple Response Items
  • Regrouping Data
  • Downloading Data from Google Form and Importing into SPSS
Descriptive Statistics
  • Conducting Descriptive Statistics on Scale and Ordinal Data
  • Computing Variables
  • Analyzing Categorical Data with Cross-Tabulation
  • Graphing in SPSS
  • Descriptive Statistics Exercise
  • Answers for Descriptive Statistics Exercise
Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing for Scale Data: t-test
  • Hypothesis Testing for Scale Data: ANOVA
  • Non-Parametric Tests for Ordinal Data
  • Chi-Squared Test for Nominal Data
  • Inferential Statistics Exercise
  • Answers for Inferential Statistics Exercise
Regression Analysis
  • Conducting Simple Regression Analysis
  • Regression Analysis Exercise
  • Answers for Regression Analysis Exercise