• Introduction
  • Tools Used in this Course
Setting Up Course Tools
  • Download PostgreSQL
  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Download SQLectron
  • Install SQLectron
  • Connect to PostgreSQL - Credentials
  • Connect to PostgreSQL Using SQLectron
  • Import Course Data Using SQLectron
  • FOR WINDOWS 32-BIT USERS: SQL Alternative - DBeaver
  • FOR WINDOWS 32-BIT USERS: Download, Install, Configure & Import Data
Browsing & Filtering Data
  • Check Imported Data
  • So.. What is a Database?
  • SQL Data Types
  • Finally Some Fun! Extracting Data Based on Requirements
  • Filtering Data Using WHERE Keyword
  • Filter Data by Range Using BETWEEN
  • Filter Data by Set of Values Using IN
  • Filter Data by Date
  • More Filtering by Date
  • Another Query Filtering by Date
  • Filter Data by Strings (Names, addresses, ...)
Tidy Up Your Results: Sorting, Alias Names, Limit Records
  • Give Your Report Fields A Cool Name
  • Order Records by Column
  • Order Records by Multiple Columns
  • LIMIT Record Count Fetched by Your Query
  • Fetch A Field's Unique Values Using DISTINCT
  • What Is A NULL Value Anyway?
Functions in SQL: Multiple-Row Functions
  • Let Me Introduce You to Functions
  • SUM Function
  • AVG (Average) Function
  • COUNT Function
  • GROUP BY Clause: Use Functions with Dimensions
  • GROUP BY More Than One Dimension
Functions in SQL: Single-Row Functions
  • Character Functions - UPPER, LOWER & INITCAP
  • Character Functions - CONCAT & LENGTH
  • Number Functions - MOD & ROUND
Joins in SQL
  • Employees & Departments Tables Revised
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
  • Cartesian Join
  • Table Aliases with Joins
Data Manipulation in SQL
  • INSERT a New Record to a Table
  • Insert Without Specifying Column Names
  • UPDATE a Record's Field Values
  • DELETE a Table's Record
SQL Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • SQL Data Types Revised
  • Bookstore Data Set: Let's Move It to Database
  • Create Your First Table!
  • Insert Data to Your New Table
  • Change Column Data Type
  • Thank you, here's a promotion to proceed learning!