• Introduction
Why Customer Service Matters
  • The Benefits of Good Customer Service
  • Why businesses and organisations need Good Customer Service as a selling point
  • Experience and Expectations
  • The Silent Complaint
  • Skills and Knowledge required for Good Customer Service
  • Three Tips to Creating Great Customer Service
  • It's all in the details when Delivering Great Customer Service
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Why Customer Service Matters Conclusion
Effective Customer Service Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Building Relationships in Customer Service and Diagnostic Listening.
  • Written Communication
  • Written Communication Continued
  • Technology and Customer Frustration.
  • Using Email in the Customer Service Journey
  • Effective Communication Conclusion
Turning Complaints into Opportunities
  • Eliminating the Cause and Turning A complaint into a Benefit
  • Causes of Complaint and Complaint handling
  • How Not to Handle a Customer Service Complaint
  • When Customers Get Angry
  • Is the Customer Always Right?
  • Complaints into Opportunities Conclusion
Empowering Great Customer Service
  • Everyone has A role to play in Great Customer Service
  • Internal Network Mapping, finding your way to Excellent Customer Care
  • Passing Work Along the Chain
  • Empowering Great Customer Service Conclusion
Measuring Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Setting Standards
  • It's not Just Standards
  • Using what you Have Learned
Start Improving Customer Service Course Conclusion
  • Conclusion