• Introduction
Why to interview, How to question at interview and how to Listen
  • selection interviewing objectives, why should we bother?
  • It's all in the Asking, 12 key Questioning Techniques
  • Now Listen! You asked for it.
  • Some additional tools
  • Section 1 Conclusion
Communication and Understanding
  • Communication and Understanding
  • Body Language
  • What's too close, how long should we hold eye contact and the interview prep
  • Section Conclusion
The Selection Interview - finding your new employee
  • Define what you Want from your new colleague.
  • Selection Interviewing on the Day and how to prepare
  • Getting the best from the candidate and the 6 point question structure you need
  • The Selection Decision Matrix
  • Section Conclusion
How to Appraise your staff, the first step in keeping them.
  • Start Appraising
  • SOS, is a call for help, but learn how it can also be an answer to it.
  • Setting a good Objective
  • Plus 5, how to set the structure for Appraising for success
  • Some Do's and Don'ts on Appraiising staff
  • Section Conclusion
Disciplinary Interviewing and Interactions
  • The SNAP method of Disciplinary Intervention
  • SNAP in Detail
  • Bringing SNAP to Life
  • Section Conclusion
Counselling Interviews and the Model to use
  • The Purpose and Method of the Counselling Interview
  • The WRAF Model in More detail
  • Section Conclusion
Fact finding, or Investigation models of Interviewing
  • Investigation, why, how and the best techniques to use.
  • Course Conclusion