• Course overview
Why should you travel?
  • Why I love traveling?
  • Most frequent excuses NOT to travel
  • Text: Books that help you improve your financial stuation
  • What do you remember?
Buy your (plane) ticket now!
  • Best way to start
  • Where to buy plane ticket?
  • - other option for finding cheep plane tickets
  • Tech part: Delete domain cookies
  • (plane ticket search engine)
  • Are you scared of flying?
  • Low-cost Airlines
  • Bargain deal websites
  • Don't wait for plane ticket!
  • Bonus: Most popular websites
  • Let's repeat the section
Bonus section: Flying for free
  • Flying for free: earn frequent flyer miles
  • Text: more info about credit cards
  • Quiz: Let's see what you rememeber
Find an accommodation
  • Most populat booking websites
  • safe money with last minute booking
  • live with local peple
  • : accomodation for free
  • Bonus: Make money with Airbnb
  • Let's repeat the section
Before the trip
  • Check in advance
  • Vaccination & Health
  • Text: vaccination & health
  • Plan what you want to visit
  • Insurance
  • Safety: before the trip
  • Travel guides
  • Bonus: checklist
  • Text: download a checklist
  • Let's repeat the section
On the trip
  • At the airport
  • Text: Items not allowed to carry in hand baggage
  • Enjoy your trip
  • Traveling can save you money
  • Money & foreign courencies
  • Where to eat?
  • Transport
  • Safety: on the trip
  • Let's repeat the section
  • Thanks for watching
  • P.S. If you don't know where to go