Drawing Schematic and Creating libraries
  • Introduction
  • What you will learn during this course
  • Starting a new project
  • Create resistor - Schematic symbol
  • Create LED - Schematic symbol
  • Create connector - Schematic symbol
  • Create through hole pin - Padstack Editor
  • Create smd pin - Padstack Editor
  • Create VIA - Padstack Editor
  • Create resistor - Footprint
  • Create LED - Footprint
  • Create connector - Footprint
  • Assign footprints to schematic symbols
  • Drawing schematic
  • Annotating schematic
  • Updating symbol and synchronizing schematic
PCB Placement and Layout
  • Generating netlist
  • Creating a new PCB and doing placement
  • Creating board outline
  • Setting up PCB rules
  • Doing PCB layout
  • Adjusting polygon shape, adding text, changing grid, moving elements
  • Moving tracks, placing components on the bottom side of PCB
  • Working with layers, setting up views, single layer mode
  • Making change in a pad /VIA and synchronizing it with design and footprints
  • Updating resistor footprint
  • Updating LED footprint
  • Updating PCB with new footprints
Generating Manufacturing Outputs
  • Checking status of PCB (Net connection, Polygons, DRC, ....)
  • Generating gerber files
  • Generating NC drill file
  • Printing selected layers
  • Generating BOM and printing schematic
Thank you
  • Thank you very much for signing up for this course