• Introduction from Adam Fouracre - Founder of Stand Against Violence
  • Course Overview
Credentials and Research
  • Introduction - What you will learn
  • Cold Hard Facts (16 to 24 years)
  • Cold Hard Facts (10 to 15 years)
The A Frame Technique
  • Protecting the Centre Line where injuries occur
  • Passive Defensive Stance
  • The A Frame in action
  • Safety if taken to ground
  • Advanced uses against knees, kicks and grabs
Knife attacks, groin kicks and strangling
  • Knife crime in perspective and the best approach
  • Defence against knives - observations - sound only.
  • Why kicks to the groin don't work and lads think they are Bruce Lee?
  • Defence against strangle holds - a popular request from females.
Confidence and Body Language
  • Research into victim selection
  • Self-Esteem and Positive Self Talk
  • Sorensen Self-Esteem Test
  • The Mayo Clinic on building Self Esteem
The Role of Alcohol
  • Understanding how alcohol changes behaviour
Lloyd's Story (contains strong images)
  • The story of Lloyd Fouracre's brutal murder and the impact on others
Course summary - what you have learned
  • Summary