• Huge Congratulations For Jumping To The First Step!
  • Are you excited to find out how to control and manage you stress forever?
  • What You are Expecting & Course Breakdown
  • What is Stress?
What are The Causes of Stress
  • Why You are Experiencing Stress
Islamic Teachers and Scholars Opinions on Stress Management
  • Islamic Reason for Root Cause of Stress & How Allah Manages Your Stress
  • Importance of Fajr Prayer & The Meaning of Ar-Rahman
  • The Power of Gratitude & The Nature of Erasing Negativity
  • The Power of Sujood (Prostration) & Islamic Practical Tips To Manage Stress
  • Why Humans were Created Weak & Anxious & Why We are Tested with Pain
Qu'ranic Verses & Allah's Word on Stress Management in Islam
  • Allah's Advices To Manage Stress From the Qur'an
Prophets' Stories and Their Successful Stress Management Strategies
  • Yaqoob (as) & Yusuf (as)
  • Umm Musa (pbuh) & Musa (as)
  • Yunus (as) & Ayyoob (as)
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Daily Things To do To Manage Stress
  • Ways to be Calm Every Day
Dua To Reduce Stress
  • The Best Dua To Remember Allah & Forget Stress
  • What Have We Learnt From The Course