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  • Intro - The Benefits Of Being A Strumming Master
5 Super Strum Patterns!
  • `The Constant Pulse`
  • `The Piano Strum`
  • Do this before you continue....
  • `The Ultimate Strum`
  • `The Country Strum`
  • `The Modern Strum`
Essentials to help if you get stuck with these strum patterns!
  • Learn What Whole, Half, Quarter and Eighth Notes Are...and How To Play Them
  • Learn What Sixteenth Notes Are and How To Play Them
  • Practice Your Quarter, Eighth and Sixteenth Notes With The `Sub Division Game`
Songs and Riffs That Use These Strum Patterns
  • The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away (`The Constant Pulse`)
  • Oasis - Don`t Look Back In Anger (`The Piano Strum`)
  • Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (`The Ultimate Strum`)
  • Johnny Cash - A Boy named Sue (`The Country Strum`)
  • Oasis - Don`t Look Back In Anger (`The Modern Strum`)
Chord Reference Wallchart
  • Chord Reference Wallchart
Bonus section
  • Fingerstyle Strumming - The 3 methods
  • Exercise 3: Power Dynamics
  • Swinging `The Ultimate Strum` Pattern
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