Introduction of Linux
  • Promo Video
  • Linux Introduction
  • Download and Install Virtual Box
  • Download Ubuntu and Install Ubuntu in Virtual Box
  • Navigation and Search
  • System Settings
  • Install application from ubuntu software
  • File Structure
  • Libre Office
Basic Command Line in Terminal
  • What is Terminal
  • Basic Command Line in Terminal
  • Create,View,rename and Delete
  • Change account password and saving command line result into a file
  • Copy File to File content, Search Content and Difference between 2 Files Content
  • Basic Regular Expression
  • File Permission
  • Create Users
  • Remove Users
  • Compress and Extract File
  • Sort and Uniq
  • What is SUDO
  • Wildcards
Linux Editor
  • View and Edit file using Vi Editor with VI Cheat sheet
File Content
  • Head File Content
  • Tail File Content
  • Tac File Content
  • More and less File Content
Linux Network and Security
  • Network Interface
  • Host and DNS
  • Ping, Traceroute and Netstat
  • Network Diagnostics (INSTALL WIRESHARK)
Bash Scripting
  • Introduction of bash scripting and create file
  • Variables
  • Arrays
Linux Bonus
  • Install Application using terminal in Linux
  • Install windows application in Ubuntu Linux