• Introduction to the course
  • Additional sources of information for this course
Electrical Cars
  • Beauty and pains of Electric cars
  • How it is made...
  • Electrical Batteries, Power and Energy: good to refresh
  • How much km can we drive with 1 portion of Desert?
  • Cost of ownership
  • Electrical Cars revival
  • Economy of charging
  • Cost to drive 100 km
  • Speed of charging
  • Charging principle of Electrical Cars
  • What is Smart Charging
  • Innovative Fast Charging from Skoda and Chakratec
  • E-cars Electronics on Board Opel Ampera
  • Safety of Electric Car
  • Useful Tips
  • Battery lifecycle
  • Decision Tree
  • Should I get an Electrical Car?
Electrical Cars - Marketing Ideas
  • Free charging as Marketing Ideas
  • Tourism and E-Mobility!
Hydrogen Cars
  • Why we should not discard Hydrogen cars?
  • Cost of ownership
  • Safety
Future of Energy
  • Where to get a lot of Electricity?
  • Project ITER
  • Can we create the artificial sun in the lab?
  • Ian's Chapman lecture about Fusion
  • Lithium for Fusion Energy
  • Fascinating Vision by Lockheed Martin: Reality of Fantasy?
  • Hydrogen Refueling Economy
  • Where to get hydrogen?
  • Economics of Nuclear Fission Reactors
  • Solar Energy: The cost of Sunshine
  • Thank you for watching!
  • Main ideas of this course