• Introduction
  • Application Resource Files
  • Creating The Project and Home Interface
Creating the game screen
  • Designing the game interface
  • Setting up the tapping button
  • Creating start game controls
  • Adding a game timer
  • Creating the end game function
Creating the end game screen
  • Designing the end game interface
  • Create restart function
  • Display the end score
  • Add save score function
  • Display high score
Content Sharing
  • Share score to Twiiter
  • Share score via Email
  • Share score via SMS
Earn Revenue
  • Display ad banners on all views
  • Create in app purchases to remove ads
  • Add in app purchases
  • Setup ad removal
Finishing touches
  • Set up the application for universal iPad display
  • Restore In App Purchases
  • Create app icons
  • Setup a universal launch screen
Publishing the application
  • Prepare application for submission
  • Submit the application to the appstore
What's Next?
  • Bonus Lecture