Getting started
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Constants, Variables and Data Types
  • Introduction to playground
  • Constants and variables
  • Introduction to Data Types
  • Introduction to String Data Type
  • Introduction to Int data Type
  • Introduction to Float and Double Type
  • Introduction to Boolean Data Type
  • String interpolation
  • String interpolation continued...
  • Good naming conventions to follow
Swift Operators
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Integer division and possible errors
  • Remainder operator
  • Compound assignment operators
  • Comparison operator
  • Comparison operator - checking for equality
  • NOT operator
  • How to find out the data types of variables
  • Type Casting
  • Problem Solution 1 - Swap variables
  • Problem Solution 2 - Area and perimeter
  • Problem Solution 3 - Calculate Percentage
  • Problem Solution 4 - Last digits of a number
If Statements
  • Introduction to If statements
  • Else branch
  • Nested if statement
  • Else...if statements
  • Problem and Solution: Maximum of two numbers
  • Problem and Solution: Even or odd number
  • Problem and Solution: Divisibilty calculations
  • Logical AND operator
  • Logical OR operator
  • Problem Solution: Class marks
  • Problem Solution: Divisibility revisited
  • Ternary conditional operator
Switch Statements
  • Switch statements
  • Switch case - matching multiple values
  • Switch range matching
  • Switch break statement
  • Fallthrough statement
  • Introduction to Swift Array
  • Reading values from array
  • Getting multiple values using closed range
  • Array type and Any type
  • Merging two arrays
  • Adding values to existing array
  • Removing values from arrays
  • Modifying values in arrays
  • Mutable and immutable array
  • Copying value from one array to another - reference and value types
  • Introduction to Dictionary
  • Retrieving values from a dictionary
  • Adding a new key-value pair to a dictionary
  • Updating value in a dictionary
  • Removing items from dictionary
  • Other dictionary methods
For Loop, While Loop and Repeat While Loop
  • Introduction to For Loop
  • Using value of "i" in a loop and the underscore variable
  • Looping through arrays
  • Looping over dictionaries
  • Problem and Solution: Maximum value in an array
  • Problem and Solution: Separate numbers into odd and even
  • Problem and Solution: Sum the content of an array
  • Problem and Solution: Reversed array
  • Inner loops
  • Break statement
  • Continue statement
  • Introduction to While Loop
  • Beware of an infinite loop
  • Repeat while loop
  • Repeat while loop example
  • Problem and Solution: Separate numbers to array - while loop example
Swift Functions
  • Introduction to Function
  • Function parameters
  • Multiple parameters of a function
  • Returning values from functions
  • Calling a function from another function
  • Parameter as a let constant
  • Introduction to Optionals
  • Introduction to Optionals contd...
  • Returning nil from a function
  • How to work with optional values
  • Unwrapping optional values
  • Force unwrap optional types
  • Implicitly unwrapped Optionals
  • Nil coalescing operator
  • Multiple optional binding - unwrapping multiple optionals
  • Optional Chaining
  • Variable scopes