Introduction To The Heavenly Tabernacle & The Doorway
  • The Spiritual Nature of Prayer
  • Our Invitation Into Companionship and Participation With God
  • "Come Up Here!"
  • The Reality of the Heavenly Tabernacle and the High Priestley Ministry of Jesus
  • Dealing with The Flesh and Familiarity in Prayer
  • The Doorway of the Tabernacle - Stepping Through
The Brazen Altar - The Cross
  • Understanding the Brazen Altar and its Significance
  • In Adam or In Christ?
  • Experiencing the New Creation
  • More Experiences at the Cross
  • Putting Off The Old Man and Putting On Christ - The New Creation Identity
  • Praying Through The Cross
The Brazen Laver
  • The Brazen Laver - The Word of God
  • The 10 Commandments Through A New Testament Lens
  • The Sanctifying Power of God's Word - The Joy of His Commandments
The Holy Place
  • The Golden Candlestick - The Seven Spirits of God
  • Fellowshipping with the Person of the Holy Spirit continued.
  • The Table of Showbread - Eating The Bread of Life
  • The Loving Fellowship and Humility of the Trinity
Into The Holy of Holies
  • The Altar of Incense and the fellowship of the Godhead
  • The Holy of Holies Fellowship with the Father
The Tabernacle Prayer Interactive Guide
  • The Tabernacle Prayer Interactive Guide PDF Book
Audio Walkthrough From Beginning to End
  • Audio Walkthrough part 1
  • Audio walkthrough part 2