Introduction: Quick Demo, Trial Keys, Licenses and Learning Resources
  • Introduction Tableau, Gartner Quadrant and the Industry
  • Quick Demo Guide
  • Tableau Desktop License Trial License and Installation
  • Tableau Desktop Pricing
  • Free License for Students!
  • YouTube Channel for New Videos
Tableau Accelerated Program
  • Learning Resources - So Many to Choose From
  • Raw Data Explained and your First Data Connection
  • Bar, Column, Line and Pie Charts....Oh My
  • Data Visualization Basics Colour, Size, Label and Tooltip
  • Quick Table Calculations Running Totals, Moving Average and More
  • Your First Dashboard!!!
  • Basic Formatting, Creating a Picture and Printing to PDF
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  • Accelerator Program Quiz
  • FREE eBook: Tableau - Inspiration in Colour
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The Tableau Architecture
  • Traditional Data Analysis for Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Tableau Architecture Quiz
  • Data Preparation Features: Live vs Extract, Data Interpreter and Filters
  • Hierarchies with Dates and Custom Lists
  • General Tables, Heat Maps, Totals and SubTotals
  • Discrete and Continuous Plots
  • Measured Values and Measured Names
  • Area and Pie Charts Divided
  • Mapping Features and Technique
  • Grouping Data for Bar Charts and Maps
  • Basic Filtering
  • Measure and Date Filtering Methods
  • Aggregates
  • The Basics of Calculations
  • Multiple Sheets for Dashboards and How to Filter
  • Beginner Quiz
  • Another FREE eBook!
Intermediate - Section 1 - Connections, Data Prep and Formula Guide
  • Intermediate - Table of Contents
  • Live Connections, Data Extracts and How to Refresh Them
  • Data Connection Examples Oracle Server
  • Automatic and Custom Splitting
  • The Impact of Changing Data Types Text to Numbers
  • More Pre-Filtering Options
  • Intermediate Section 1 - Quiz
Intermediate - Section 2 - Logic (Boolean) and Numerical Formulas
  • Aggregates and Different Ways to Create Them
  • Foundational If Functions The Big Mac Example
  • More IF Functions Null, IsNull (New Excel Download)
  • Bonus: The NOT Function
  • If Functions using AND and OR Functions
  • Rounding Formulas Round and Integer
  • The Absolute Function
  • Logic and Numerical Quiz
Intermediate - Section 3 - Text and Date Formulas + Word Cloud
  • Left, Right and Mid Text Functions
  • The FIND and LEFT Function Combination
  • Trimming Off Trailing Spaces
  • The Romanian Concatenate Function
  • How to Easily Convert to Upper or Lower Case Characters
  • Using the Replace Function
  • Extracting Year, Month and Day
  • Calculating the Difference between Two Dates
  • Today() vs Now()
  • How to Create your own Date Column
  • Bonus Word Cloud Lesson
  • Text Functions Quiz
More Tableau Resources: Forums, Data Day Out, Iron VIZ, Tableau Conference (TC)
  • Tableau's Greatest Strength: COMMUNITY!
  • Forums
  • Data Day Out
  • Iron VIZ
  • Tableau Conference (TC)
  • Make Over Monday
  • Tableau Public
Intermediate - Section 4 - Quick Table Calc's, Filtering, Legends and Mapping
  • Quick Table Calculations: Using Directions in a Table
  • Quick Table Calculations: The Calculation Assistant
  • Quick Table Calculations: Refresher and Bonus Items
  • Before we do Filters and Legends, Let's Clean Up Shall We
  • Filtering Top and Bottom Method, Legends and Filtering Types
  • Mapping Features Multi-Map Views, Dual Axis Plots with Pie Charts, Keep On
  • Annotation Features Marks and Points
  • Quiz Time!
Intermediate - Section 5 - Scatter, Analytics Menu, Forecast, Trends, Clusters
  • Scatter Plots Colouring, Level of Detail and Shapes
  • Introduction to Scatter Plots and Parameters
  • Trendlines and the Different Types
  • Analytics Menu Aggregate Options with Table, Pane and Cell Variations
  • Forecast Modelling (DISCLAIMER)
  • Clustering Method
  • It's Quiz Time!
Intermediate - Section 6 - Exports, Dashboard Interactions, Dashboard Design
  • Fresh Data Set and Hierarchies on the Fly
  • Keep Only and Exclude Features Plus Export Methods
  • Additional Keep Only and Exclude Methods + CSV Export
  • 3 Methods for Sharing and Exporting your File
Expert - Section 1 - Unions, Joins and Blending
  • Congratulations! Tableau Public Tour!