Hair Portions, Hair Spreading, Hair Aligning
  • Have your hair divided in smaller portions on table
  • Start placing your hair on tape
  • continue placing hairs on the tape
  • Keep your hair strands always aligned to top
  • keep hairs aligned as much as possible to the top
  • place hair on sticky tape and spread them on tape, push hair nicely onto tape
  • keep hairs moving up to aligh them to the top line as much as possible
  • keep spreading the hair on tape, push the hair to the tape
  • now we have most of our hair on the tape
  • continue keep the rest of hair placing on the tape
  • watch how hair hair is spread evenly and nicely on tape
Apply Glue and Base Tape
  • Now start spreading layer of glue right on top of the hair, please watch videos
  • see the way we spread the glue on hair, you may find this way easy for yourself
  • continue keep spreading the glue
  • continue of glue spreading
  • so now we have glued our hair
  • after glueing finished we will add a base tape right on top, please watch videos
  • push on base tape so its gets well sticked onto the glued hair
  • done with base tape, keep pushing hardly so it gets well sticked
Cut mini tapes, Make edges look nicer
  • after few hours as glue dry enough, get the tape off the table
  • start cutting the hair tape into mini tapes, use a small sized paper 4cm width
  • continue cutting the hair tapes into minit tapes
  • now you have few mini tapes on hand
  • please cut edges, make mini tapes look nicer
  • continue cutting edges of mini tapes
  • 100gr 20" hair ponytail may become 40-50mini tapes, so continue of cutting edges
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