Introduction to This Course
  • Introduction to This Course
  • How to Use the Resources Tabs in This Udemy Course
Presentation Apps to Display Information in a Linear Fashion
  • Haiku Deck: An easy-to-use tool with tons of convenient, copyright free images
  • Emaze: A fun presentation tool with a zoom feature to add pizzazz to your shows
  • Prezi: A presentation app that takes your viewers on a journey
  • Canva: A graphic design app that also generates beautiful presentations
  • Tawe: A tool to create a presentation "tour" of any image or infographic
  • Bunkr: A presentation app for using online content to flip your classroom
  • Buncee: An easy-to-use presentation tool with tons of backgrounds & images
  • Spiral: An app to present, interact with students, & check for understanding
  • Presentation Apps to Take the Place of Powerpoint
Animation Presentation Apps to Present Ideas Through Animated Movies.
  • PowToon: A simple way to generate an animated video
  • Wideo: A stress-free way to create a short, animated video
Video Presentation Apps to Create Explainer Videos
  • Raw Shorts: The simplest way to make an explainer video for your classroom
  • Viosk: A video generator to clarify a topic or begin a unit with ease
  • Stupeflix: A super fun way to put together text & images to create a video
  • Biteable: An online video creator that makes you look like an expert
Text Presentation Apps to Highlight a New Unit or Propose a New Idea
  • Smore: A quick way to create a digital newsletter or flyer for your students
  • My Storybook: Make a Story Your Presentation
  • Wizer: A program to create an interactive worksheet/presentation
  • So, Now What?