Welcome To Unleash Your Serve System!
  • Welcome
  • How to get the best out of this course (must watch!)
Start With The Mind
  • Start with the mindset
  • Be open to changes
  • Trust the system
Building Your Foundation
  • Finding the best grip
  • How to hold the ball
  • How to toss the ball consistently
  • Toss and catch
  • The starting position
  • Hi-five the ball
  • Stuck and unstuck exercise
  • Hit the ball up (part 1)
  • Hit the ball up (part 2)
Moving Into The Full Serve
  • Platform or pinpoint stance?
  • What is the trophy pose
  • How to get to the trophy pose
  • Trophy pose with ball catch
  • Full serve in 2 parts
  • Explanation of the follow through
  • Full serve without target
  • Full serve into correct service box
Enhancing Your Serve
  • Develop a set of routine
  • How to improve the ball toss
  • How to improve the toss hit rhythm
  • Visualizing the contact point for more spin