• What is Terraform
Need for Terraform
  • Advantages of using Terraform
  • Reason for using Terraform instead of using native IAC
  • Reason for using Terraform instead of using API or CLI
Install Terraform
  • Install Terraform
Terraform connect with Azure
  • The root module &
  • The three musketeers
  • Connecting Terraform to Azure
  • Connect using Azure CLI
  • Connect using CLI but without subscription
  • Connect using system managed identities
  • Connect Using User managed identites
  • Connect Using Service Principal
  • Argument And Block
  • Terraform fmt Command
  • Assignment
  • Quiz
Variable Block
  • Introduction to variables
  • Input Variables
  • Examples
  • List and Set
  • Maps
  • Objects
  • local variables
  • Assignment
  • Quiz
Provider Block
  • Terraform and Provider Block
  • Create First resource
  • State in terraform
Resource Block
  • Create a Resource Group
  • Create a Vnet with Subnet
Data Block
  • Create a VM with Data Block
  • Terraform Destroy
Create a static Website
  • Use Storage to create a static Website
  • Provisioner
Multiple Providers
  • Create Users in AzureAD
Store Scope remotely
  • Store Scope in Azure Storage