Getting started
  • Course Introduction
  • Generate the app and components
Application header
  • Header Section introduction
  • Adding navbar
  • Adding filter buttons
  • Section recap
Home list
  • Home List Section introduction
  • Adding home list
  • Adding home info
  • Adding and mocking the service
  • Hooking up the service to the API
  • Styling home list
  • Section recap
Home booking
  • Home Booking Section Introduction
  • How to follow along
  • Adding "Book" button in the home list
  • Scaffolding a dialog using Material Design
  • Creating and passing the first test
  • Implementing price and check in/out dates
  • Calculating total price
  • Submitting booking request
  • Closing dialog and showing notification
  • Adding Material date pickers
  • Styling the component
  • Section assignment: Fixing the bug with invalid dates
  • Section recap