Introduction to Hypotheses Testing
  • Refreshing, What should you know before?
  • What is a hypothesis?
  • Formulation of hypotheses
  • Sampling distribution
  • Quiz set 1
Tests on Population Mean, Population Variance is Known
  • Performing the test on the mean
  • Confidence intervals
  • P-Value
  • Quick summary
  • One sided tests
  • More on one sided tests
  • Summary
  • Quiz set 2
Tests on Population Mean, Population Variance is Unknown
  • Performing the test
  • Using confidence interval and P-Value
  • Example: large sample size
  • Quiz set 3
Errors in Hypotheses Testing
  • Type I and type II errors
  • Choosing the sample size
  • Quiz set 4
Tests on Population Variance
  • Performing the test
  • One sided tests on the variance
  • Confidence interval and P-Value
  • Quiz set 5
Minitab Software Tutorial
  • Introduction to Minitab
  • Performing the Z-tet
  • Performing the t-test
  • Tests on variance
  • Quiz set 6
Using Matlab for Hypothesis Testing
  • Introduction to Matlab 1
  • Introduction to Matlab 2
  • Using M-Files in Matlab
  • One sample Z test using Matlab
  • Confidence Interval in Matlab for Z test
  • P-Value in Matlab for Z test
  • Matlab code files
  • Performing t and chi^2 tests in Matlab
  • Example: One sided test on variance using Matlab
  • Appendix A: course material in PDF
  • Main probability distributions tables (Ref: Montgomery and Runger)
  • Operating Characteristic Curves (OCC) (Ref: Montgomery and Runger)