• Introduction
  • Installing TestProject agent
  • Top 5 distinguished features of TestProject
Section 2 - Mobile automation testing for Android (Basic)
  • Introduction and configuration
  • Testing Hybrid Ionic Mobile Application with TestProject
  • Managing and working with element locators
  • Managing elements and applications
Section 3 - Mobile automation testing for iOS (Basic)
  • Introduction -> configuration -> quick run
  • Testing application using Record and playback with TestProject on iPhone X
  • Running iOS mobile app test from Windows 10
Section 4 - Working with Test Data and handling test runs
  • Working with test data parameterization
  • Data Driven testing with CSV
  • Working with Jobs
Section 5 - Testcase Design and execution
  • Working with Test case steps (detailed)
  • Working with Test step types
  • Calling Test within Test with TestProject for Mobile automation
Testing web applications with TestProject (Basic)
  • Testing web applications with TestProject using record and playback
  • Cross browser testing with Jobs
Working with Addons and Page Object Model in TestProject
  • Working with Addons (Part 1)
  • Creating custom Addons to click all menu items in menubar (Part 2)
  • Testing custom Addons with runners and publishing Addon to TestProject
  • Source code for custom Addons
  • Coded Test in TestProject using Selenium Page Object Model (Part 1)
  • Coded Test in TestProject using Selenium Page Object Model (Part 2)
  • Source code for Page Object Model test
Testproject vs Katalon
  • Testproject vs Katalon studio