Before You Get Started Resource Secton
  • Download File With All Resource Links
eBay Account Setup
  • Setting Up Your First eBay Account
  • Listing Your First Item To Gain Access To The Seller Hub
  • Setting Up The Seller Dashboard
  • Selling Preferences and eBay Billing
  • Which eBay Store Should You Subscribe to?
SaleFreaks Account Setup
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the SalFreaks Sign-Ip
  • SaleFreaks Pricing Overview
  • SaleFreaks Dashboard and Connecting Your eBay Store
  • SaleFreaks Global Settings
  • Understanding Your Dashboard Number for Forecasting
  • Update on eBay Dashboard
  • Bonus: SF Quick Profit Analyzer File
  • Enabling Auto Ordering, Auto Tracking Upload, and Safe Access
  • Safe Access Tip #1
  • Safe Access Tip #2
  • How To Load Gift Cards Into Safe Access Manually
  • Using The Safe Access Gift Card Loader Feature
How To Use The SaleFreaks Features
  • Using The Locator Tool
  • Using The Listing Generator
  • Basics Of Managing Items Using Items Tab and Bulk Actions
  • Advanced Removing and Repricing Items
  • The Sales Hunter Feature Explained
Dealing With Customer Service Issues
  • Using SaleFreaks for Customer Support
  • Word Document with Canned Responses
  • Item Not Received Cases
  • Handling Cancellations
  • Purchase Issues Part 1
  • Purchase Issues Part 2
  • Overdue or Late shipment Inquiries With Safe Access
  • How to Handle Returns
  • Returns Spreadsheet Template
Advanced Topics and Tips
  • The Complete Guide To Chili-Hunter
  • Advanced Title Optimization
  • In Depth On Your eBay Seller Level
  • 4% ADDITIONAL Final Value Penalty Explained
  • Advanced Pricing Strategies and Promoted Listings
  • Using Coupons to Sell Low and Big BIG PROFITS
  • How to Increase Your Profit By Using Credit Card Cashback and Cashback Sites
  • Advanced Product Research Using Google Trends and Chili Hunter
Bonus Section