Introductory Course
  • So, what is a stock?
  • Quiz on What is a Stock
Stock Basics
  • How is Money Made with Stocks?
  • Describing a Stock
  • Types of Stocks
  • Quiz on Stock Basics
  • Why do Stock Prices Move?
Going Deeper
  • The Stock Exchange and the Markets
  • The IPO Process
  • Quiz on Looking Deeper into the Markets
Legendary Investors
  • Warren Buffett: Value Investing
  • Philip Fisher: Growth Investing
  • Philip Fisher's 15-Point Investment Checklist
  • Peter Lynch
  • Quiz on Legendary Investors
Reading a Financial Statement
  • The Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement
Investing Strategies
  • Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
  • Value Investing
  • Quiz on Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
Your Next Steps
  • The Next Steps