• Introduction
Mobile Game Marketing
  • An Introduction to Marketing for Games
  • Three Things That Matter in Marketing
  • A Brief History of the App Store and How Games Get Big
  • App Store Discovery
  • App Store Conversion
  • App Store Targeting
  • Secrets to Getting Featured
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Viral Marketing and Leveraging Player Power
  • User Acquisition
Game Community Management
  • Introduction to Game Community Management
  • Community Management in Three Steps
  • Game Communities in Practice
  • The Holy Grail: Influencing Players through Live Ops
Mobile Game Monetization
  • Introduction to Game Monetization
  • Making Money with Free-to-Play Games
  • Your Game Economy and Monetization Objectives
  • Monetization in Action: Examples from Rodeo Stampede
Careers in Gaming
  • An Overview of Gaming Industry Jobs
  • Careers in Mobile Game Marketing
  • Careers in Mobile Game Monetization
  • Careers in Game Management and Live Ops
  • Final Thoughts