A/B testing
  • A/B testing
Working of A/B Testing
  • How A/B Testing Works
Use of A/B testing
  • Why to Use AB Testing
  • What to Test
  • A/B Testing Process
Data Collection
  • Collection of Data
  • Identifying Goals
  • A/B Testing Generate Hypothesis
Creating Variations
  • Creating Variations
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Google Content Experiments
  • Optimizely
Run Experiment
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Google Content Experiments
  • Content Experiments
  • How to use Content Experiments to create A/B Tests
Analyze Results
  • Analyzing Results
  • Google Analytics A/B Testing
  • Integrating Optimizely with Google Universal Analytics
  • Configuration Steps
  • Creating a Custom Report using Google Analytics
  • Multivariate
  • Advantages of using Multivariate
  • Limitations
  • Difference between Multivariate and A/B Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization
Important Questions and Answers
  • Important Questions and Answers of A/B Testing
  • Important Message