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Download Android Studio and project setup
  • Introduction to Android Studio
  • Prerequiste Software tools for studio set up
  • Download and Install JDK (java development Kit)
  • How to get Android Studio Installer for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Download and Install Android Studio IDE
  • Configuring essential packages for Android Studio
  • Studio features vs Eclipse
Android Studio Code Development Tour
  • Create first Project in Android Studio
  • Navigate Project elements and debug code in Studio
  • Project View Android Studio Project files
  • Tips for using shortcuts during code development in Studio
Device Creation for running Android App
  • How to Create Android Virtual Device for app
  • What is GenyMotion -Installation and Configuration for Android App
  • Virtual Device Creation to run GenyMotion Device manager
  • Integrate GenyMotion with Android Studio to run app on various mobile devices
  • Create different Android devices in GenyMotion to run app
Java Programming for Android App Development
  • Introduction to Java modules
  • Writing first Java class in Android Studio
  • Execute Java class , Debug and Fix errors in Android Studio
  • Introduction of Java Variables in Java Class files
  • Implementation of String Variable in Java Class file
  • Int Variable implementation and Error fixing in Java Class
  • Introduction to double variable and Concatenation of String , Int and double Var
  • Java Coding Standards ,Commenting and Refactoring the code
  • Conditional Statements IF/ ELSE in Java code
  • Boolean Variable for IF/ELSE condition in Java Code
  • Understanding Classes and Objects by writing Java Code
  • Create Java class to calculate Bank Account details of different Holders
  • Create different Objects and another Class for Bank Account class
  • Constructors in Java and using it in Bank Account Java class
  • Introduction of Arrays in Java
  • Implement Single Dimensional Array in Java code-Part 1
  • Array Implementation and fixing errors -Part 2
Build Quiz App in Android
  • Course goals for Quiz App Development
  • Introduction to Quiz App
  • Project set up for Quiz App
  • How to embed methods for Quiz App development
  • Set up methods Oncreate for Quiz app
  • Accessing Views and Auto Import implementation for Quiz App
  • Integrate layout with Java class and Text view configuration
  • Adding OnClicklistener to a Button for populating answers
  • Create another Java class to store Answers
  • Introduction to layout types for app development
  • Different Layout types and usage
  • Implementing Linear layout
  • What is Relative layout
  • Configuring Relative layout for Quiz App
  • Introduction to Table layout
  • Designing Calculator App using Table layout
  • Frame Layout Implementation in App
  • Run Quiz App in AVD
  • Run Quiz App in GenyMotion for different Mobile devices
Whats new in Android M
  • Introduction to Android M,N and O section
  • What all we will cover for Android M , N and O
  • Android API set up in Studio for Android M
  • Introduction to Android M features
  • Permission Model for Android M phones
  • Smart Link ,Memory Management ,Doze features
  • FingerPrint API, Backup and Text Select ,Delete
Build CheckPermission App for Android M, N and O
  • Sequence of Steps for App development
  • How Check Permission App works to get device location
  • Project set up for Android M , N and O
  • Configuring layout file for CheckPermission App
  • Construct Activity file for App
  • Integrate Activity and Layout files and run it emulator
Android N features and Execute App for Nougat Devices
  • What is Android N
  • Android N feature highlights
  • Implement App shortcut feature
  • Implement New professional Emojis,Storage Manager Intent
  • Background Optimization and Screen Zoom
  • Execute App in Android N platform
What's new in Android O -August 2017 release
  • Introduction to Android O
  • What is Android Go
  • Android O highlights -Final release
Migrating Apps in lower Android version to Android Oreo
  • Configure Android 8.0 SDK for App development
  • Migrating existing Apps to Android O
  • Execute App in Android O platform
App development in Android Oreo
  • Introduction to course structure
  • Execute code samples for Android O
  • Design Picture-In-Picture Mode
  • Implement Notifications Channel and Downloadable Fonts for Android O
  • Implement Permissions for Android O
  • Java Quiz
  • Android Quiz