Introducing The Complete Guide to Successful Military Transitions
  • Welcome To Changing Step: A Guide To Effective Military Transitions
  • A Easy Hole To End Up In
  • Are You Ready to make Some Improvements?
  • Looking Forward to the Rest of the Course ....
Basic Training: Unpacking The Military Transition
  • Changing Step, and Re-Entering Civilian Life
  • The Power of Learning From Someone Who's Been There
  • The Greatest Problem In Transition
  • Developing a Forward Thinking Focus
  • Breaking Free From 'The Rut'
  • Exercise 1: Bringing Back The Balance
  • The Life Balance Workbook
Changing Step Into A New Season of Life
  • The Nature of a Lifestyle Transition
  • Transition: A Season of Personal Growth
  • Stepping Into A New Season of Life
  • Looking Beyond the Transition Season
  • Exercise 2: The Problem Solving Workbook
  • The Problem Solving Workbook
Understanding the Season of Transition
  • Changing Step: A New Chapter, A Whole New Story!
  • Smashing It: A Theory For Everything!
  • The 5th Season: The Season of Transition
  • How To Get Stuck in the 5th Season
  • Breaking Through & Beyond the 5th Season
  • Exercise 3: Goal Setting & Life Planning Workbook
  • Your Life Planning Workbook (Download)
Understanding Yourself & Starting a-Fresh
  • Defining Your New Civilian Identity
  • Where Focus Goes ... Emotions Follow!
  • Thoughts: The Mother Of All Problems
  • How to Manage Your Thought Life
  • OPERATION: E.I. (Emotional Intelligence)
  • What Resettlement Training Doesn't Teach You!
  • Building Full Emotional Awareness
  • Foundations for a New Civilian Life
  • Getting a Unique Reference Point for Your Future
  • Trenches: Digging Deep ....
  • Basic Training: Become an Effective Civilian
  • Getting Grounded in a New Civilian Identity
  • Unpacking your New Identity Further
The 7 Master Steps for Effective Military Transitions
  • Introducing The 7 Steps for Effective Military Transitions
  • STEP 1: Make a Decision to Change
  • STEP 2: Take Immediate Action
  • STEP 3: Commit to Something
  • STEP 4: Take Stock & Assess
  • STEP 5: Ditching Your Junk
  • STEP 6: Give Something Back
  • STEP 7: Operation P.E.T.E
Closing Section
  • COURSE PROJECT: Operation Transition
  • Recommended Reads
  • Summary & Close