An Introduction to this course
  • What you can expect to learn on this Course
  • About your Course Trainer
Setting the scene: Definitions, challenges and benefits
  • Definition and characteristics of Social media
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media
  • Understand the benefits of Social Media
  • Business benefits of Social Media
Planning a Social Media Strategy
  • Situation Analysis- auditing your content, resources and performance
  • Setting Objectives
  • Setting Objectives
  • Defining your Social Media Strategy
key Trends in Social Media
  • The growth of Live Video Streaming
  • Immersive Video and Virtual Reality
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Growth of Chatbots and Facebook Messenger
Overview of content types
  • Images and how visual assets can boost Social Media Impact
  • Linkbait explained
  • The importance of Video
  • Fastest growing content types on Social Media?
Social Media Advertising- Paid Advertising
  • Facebook Ads explained
  • Instagram Ads explained
  • Pinterest Ads explained
  • Twitter Ads explained
  • LinkedIn Ads explained
  • Advertising on Quora
  • largest Social Platform by reach
Measuring and evaluating success on Social Media
  • How to measure Social Media
  • Using to use Google Analytics to measure Social Media performance contribution
Final Thoughts
  • Summary and conclusion