Welcome, Intro, & Overview!
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Course Overview - Hands-on Learning
Intro to the Daily Journal or Journal Keeping
  • Why keep a journal? History & Wisdom
  • 3 Big Benefits of Keeping a Journal
Focusing on YOU - Hero of the Journal
  • Focusing on YOU - Goals and Motivations for Keeping a Journal
  • Guide to Identifying your "Why", Goals, and Motivations for Journal Keeping
Five-Step Breakdown of the Daily Journal Template
  • 1/5 Overview of the Daily Journal Entries
  • 2/5 Writing Empowering Daily Quotes
  • 3/5 How to be Thankful - Grateful, Affirmations, and Improving
  • 4/5 Write Goals that Move You!
  • 5/5 Evaluate How You Did and Repeat
  • Download this Template to Get Started
Going Forward: Life with the Daily Journals
  • 3 Tips I wish I Knew When I Started
  • FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions by You