• Introduction
  • Two things you need to know about purpose
  • Our fundamental challenge
The Maker of the Masterplan
  • Key existential questions we must answer
  • Mankind's origin, mandate, and destiny
  • Jehovah Bara: The God who makes something out of nothing
  • God or science?
  • Overwhelming evidence of intelligent design
  • Skillfully designed: created on purpose for a purpose
  • But where did God come from?
  • What clues do we have that God exists?
The Meaning of the Masterplan
  • Why on earth are you here?
  • Execution of the masterplan
  • A revelation of the original blessing
  • Understanding the Image of God
  • Understanding the implications of being made in the image of God
  • Whose image is on you?
  • Are you bowing to a false image?
  • Understanding your true value
The Management of the Masterplan
  • The dominion mandate
  • Five areas of influence
  • Three realms of dominion
  • The makeup of man (spirit, soul, and body)
  • The power of the mind
  • The body and its limitations
  • Your free will: an asset and a liability
  • Your obedience will be tested
The Malfunctioning of the Masterplan
  • What went wrong? The real reason for the struggles in our lives
  • Two things we lost in the masterplan
  • The methodology of deception
  • Consequences of deception
The Makeover of the Masterplan
  • God's forward looking plan
  • Going back to the original masterplan
  • Making a fresh start, getting a new spiritual DNA
  • A revelation of God's masterpiece