• Course outline of Instrument and Control also MATLAB using lecture.
  • About transfer function of mechnical system .
  • How we Find Transfer Function On MATLAB
  • Laplace and Inverse Laplace of Transfer function
  • On Matlab how find partial friction expansion
transfer function of Liner mechnical system
  • transfer function of rotational mechanical system
  • Simulink of Mass 1DOF Spring damper system
  • Simulink of 2DOF Mass Spring Damper system
  • Simulink of 3DOF Mass Spring and Damper system
Block Diagram of MECHANICAL
  • Block Diagram
  • Block Diagram con..........
  • How we Reduce and solve Block Dieagram on MATLAB
  • Stability of Block Diagram and System
Signal flow Diagram of mechanical system
  • Signal flow Diagram of mechanical system
  • How we draw 2D Graph on Matlab
  • How We draw 3D Grph on Matlab
Time Response
  • Time response of differenT condiTion
General Second Order System
  • Under damped Systems
  • How we find parameter of 2nd order system on MATLAB
  • Analyzing the stability of second order system
Stability & Routh-Hurwitz Criterion
  • Stability & Routh-Hurwitz Criterion
  • Matlab check to stability by Routh -Hurwitz Criterion
Matlab Manual
  • Matlab practice about instrument and control
  • Coding on Matlab for Practice