Selected Lectures From The Total Job Search Boot Camp
  • READY - Summary Section (Resume)
  • AIM - Networking (Search Strategy)
  • GET HIRED! – Success Tips (Interviewing)
Selected Articles by Jay and Angela From the Career Blog
  • Top 3 Reasons You May Not Be Getting The Job
  • Enthusiasm
  • Article - Our "Power Years" Give Us A Second Chance To Pursue Happiness
Greatest Hits - From the Archives of the Job Search Boot Camp Show
  • Listener Mail
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Career Transition with Lissa Duty
  • Some Assembly Required with Marny Lifshen
  • Webbing - The New Art of Networking with Doug Whatley
  • You Don't Have To Go It Alone with Nancy Bishop
  • Working With Recruiters with Juliana Harris
  • Job Search: What's Your Plan? with Simone Fuselier
Video Tidbits
  • Angela - On Clarity & Your Personal Brand
  • Highlights from the Live READY Webcast - Feb 18, 2010
  • Angela - Tips On Job Search Strategies (low volume, so turn up your speakers)
  • Jay - Tips On Interviewing
Introducing Yourself During A Career Transition
  • Introduction Statement Worksheet (Click on Download Tab to download)
  • Audio Tips & Instructions for Using the Introduction Statement Worksheet
Taking The First Step - Dialogues from The Job Search Boot Camp Show (Click on Extras Tab to download)
  • "Taking The First Step" - transcript of conversation about finding the work you love
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