Section 1:
  • Why do Giraffes have a Long Neck?
  • Why do Ants walk in a Straight Line?
  • Difference between Myopia & Hyperopia
  • Why do we have Birthmarks?
  • How can Parrots talk like Humans?
  • Why can't we Mix Blood types?
  • Why do tears taste Salty?
Section 2:
  • What if the Sun disappears?
  • How big is Infinity?
  • Why do Flame always points upwards?
  • What if we swallow chewing gum?
  • Why do Golf Balls have Dimples?
  • Why is the Sky Blue & Sun yellow?
  • Why do some People sweat more than Others?
Section 3:
  • Color Blind Test | Amazing Tricks
  • How do Nails grow?
  • Color Blindness Test | Tricks that will Amaze you
  • The Darkest Material ever made: VantaBlack
  • Why does Rain Smell?
  • Why is Blood Red in Color?