Metrics Questions
  • How would you measure the success of Facebook Likes?
  • How would you track the North Star Metric for Google Calendar?
  • Measure the success of Instagram Stories
  • Measure the success of Reddit
Estimation Questions
  • Calculate the number of queries answered by Google per second
  • How many dentists are there in New York City?
  • Estimate the number of Uber rides
  • Estimate the number of Tesla Model 3s in California
Product Design Questions
  • Design a digital payments system for rural India
  • How would you design a bicycle renting app for tourists?
Product Strategy
  • If Elon found you and made you the next CEO, would you use SpaceX to launch air
  • Should Google acquire Quora?
Problem Solving
  • PM at Netflix. Key Metric has dropped by 80%. What would you do?
  • PM for B2B2C advertisement based product whose revenue plummets to zero